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Cat Tunnel Toy - Collapsible 3 Way Tube for Kitty Exercise, Entertainment and Run. Like Christmas and Catnip for Kittens. Best Play House to Help Stop Meowing and Scratching

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Manufacturer Premium Choice Products
Brand Premium Choice Products
Color Blue 3 way
Model Blue 3 way Cat Tunnel
UPC 799418320779
Community News / News that matter to us
30 Jun 2017

Agility Training For Pit Bull Terriers

Spending time training your Pit Bull can be very rewarding and fun for you both. It helps build a stronger bond between dog and owner that is important for the happiness of both parties.

11 Jul 2017

Best Kitten Food for Your Kitty

The first thing to consider when buying kitten food is that felines are carnivores. In nature protein and fat are the main menu items for cats. Only a smidgen of carbohydrate is in their diet.

27 Jun 2017

Cat Whisperers Do Exist

A cat whisper is somewhat similar to a dog or horse whisperer, although cat whisperers relate quite well with cats. These types of people are unusually lucky and very successfully with cats.

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